About Bruckner Consultants LLC

William Bruckner and Victoria Thornton Bruckner, the principals of Bruckner Consultants LLC, have three decades of experience in the disability field.

We blend lifelong experience with our own disabilities with teaching and social work skills, to create unique understanding of the vastly different ways that disability can impact each person's life.

We use our broad expertise in group communication to help organizations make decisions, solve problems, and become more effective and inclusive.

Our Philosophy and Goals

We believe in reaching the goals of full inclusion and effective problem solving through active collaboration with our clients.

The creative process of collaboration itself influences results. It proceeds from the assumption that the most practical, "elegant" solutions are those that appeal to people with the widest variety of needs, while still addressing the unique requirements of each individual.

Achieving accessibility and full inclusion involves much more than modifying architectural features. It requires attentive communication, accurate observation, and acknowledgement of the creative ways in which people of all ages, with and without disabilities, move through life.

We have consistently applied these principles when working with our clients in the United States and nine European countries.

Photo of William and Victoria Bruckner

"Our core belief that each challenge posed by disability presents new occasions for creative thinking and innovative problem solving informs all that we do."

Bruckner Consultants LLC

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