Customer Service Training

Benefits To You

Boost your market. 53 million Americans have disabilities. Companies marketing to people with disabilities can reach as many as 4 in every 10 consumers.

Increase revenues. People with disabilities have $220 billion in discretionary income. Hospitality industry revenues have increased by 12% after implementing the ADA (Government Accounting Office, 2002).

Expand your customer base. Gain cutting edge capability to attract and serve Baby Boomers, who are acquiring disabilities as they age.

Build customer loyalty. When people with disabilities feel welcome, they return, and tell others about your business.

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"The Bruckners took our specific demographics and needs and created a customer service training that would truly benefit all who use our services... It was lively, informative and amazingly interactive. It has already resulted in improved customer service."

Richard Bray
Senior Services Director
Alameda County Library

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