We provided training and consultation in five cities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria during May and June 2015,

In Hamburg, we led an exciting 3-day seminar on “Life Transitions for People with Disabilities.” Participants in this course had the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams about life transitions they are facing through art and writing, guided visualizations, pair activities, and large group discussions.  All of us also participated in a joyous Laughter Yoga session.

People from Cologne, Germany, and nearby communities attended our seminar on the history of the American Independent Living movement and the development of an international campaign for disability rights. It was our first time in Cologne, and we were delighted to be in this ancient, lovely city.

As we traveled, we had the chance to meet with many fantastic disability rights advocates, to learn from each other, and to greatly benefit from a rich exchange of ideas and experiences. We had a wonderful and very rewarding trip.